Welcome to Thievon Horticultural Products LLC

Thievon Horticultural Products, LLC was founded in 2006 by industry veteran Paul Thievon.  Over the past Eleven years,  the company has established a proven track record of providing its customers with quality horticultural products, while maintain its reputation for excellent service.

The company mission is to allow its customers access to top of the line horticultural products from anywhere in the country in a timely manner and at competitive prices.  Shipments arrive at your door directly from the growers dock.

Product lines include perennials, nursery stock, bare root trees, conifers, large caliper trees, liners and ground cover.  We also work closely with our clients to fill custom orders or special products that may be difficult to locate.    We pride ourselves on our ability to meet most of our customer’s demands.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and encourage you to explore our website further.

Lets have a great 2018 Season

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